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As for her, she kept a couple steps behind me…and chuckled alone before answering quietly.

“…Yeah. We’re already…in the actual paradise.”

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“Eh, Tendou-san, you’ve never worn a furisode before?” [Note: Furisode is basically the long-sleeve version of kimono.]


Someday after New Year, I suddenly bumped into Tendou-san in the city. We strolled towards the station slowly as we chatted.

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She suddenly revealed a surprising piece of information.

I glared at the angel that can’t hide her perfect figures even she’s in a coat- No, she’s my ex-girlfriend, Karen Tendou. Then, I spoke up angrily.

“D-Don’t you feel responsible as a beautiful character!?”

“…Uh, I have no idea why I pissed my ex-boyfriend off just then?”

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“That’s not how fanservice works! It’s okay for gloomy characters like Chiaki and me. However, I can’t believe a girl like you still haven’t tried out all clothing in the world. Do you have any idea how much an impact you’ll have on the entertainment industry!?”

“The entertainment industry isn’t my business.”

“Why are you not wearing furisode!? Do you prefer agility over defense!?”

“What kind of standard is that? Well, even though the agility of furisode is indeed lower than suits.”