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Amano is already…the lonely and weak Keita Amano, is already grabbing Kaburagi by his collar.

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Including Kaburagi’s groupmates and me, …they don’t understand what’s happening, not to mention Kaburagi himself. All of us are observing this, speechless.

Then, …the first one to speak up is Kaburagi.

He’s still trying to laugh it off while seeking acknowledgment from his friends, instead of talking to Amano directly.

“Wow, mad teenagers are super scary. Are you getting sick from playing too many video games? What a pain-“

“Shut your damn mouth.”

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Amano interrupted him viciously with an unprecedently deep voice. Kaburagi immediately fell silent. His groupmates are holding their breaths.

…Amano’s eyes are entirely locked on him, no one knows what’ll he do next. What an unusual and tense atmosphere.

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Luckily, there’s no tourist around at this time. …This may spiral out of control quickly. In reality, another group of people is already approaching us from behind.

Perhaps Kaburagi feels hopeful with that, so he tried to get his hippy smile out again. …However, after he looked at Amano’s eyes again, his face immediately froze. It’s hard to blame him, after all…


-That was our first time to see someone going mad this completely.

That was entirely different than when he’s angry at me. He’s going insane at this point.

It’s not about whether he’s good at fighting already. I can feel Amano is so determined that…he’ll bit his opponent viciously even if only his head remains. …It’s incredibly terrifying.

Amano is grabbing Kaburagi’s collar even more tightly.