Word online part-time earning day

Word online part-time earning day

Ruan Guangjian smiled. “Oh, I actually planned to clear it, but you can actually save your progress in this game! You can continue to play from where you left off when you come again next time!

“I can’t bear to clear the game all at once so I want to save it to experience the most exciting part the next time.” Qiao Liang: “???”

What the f*ck did you mean by ‘save it’?!

You can’t bear to finish the delicious food all at once and want to pack it up to enjoy later? Am I supposed to praise you for being economical?

Qiao Liang’s analysis was right, but the answer was wrong.

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The fans got it all wrong, but they got the right answer!

What kind of haunted house could save one’s progress? It must be a rubbish haunted house!

Qiao Liang did not know whether to bear a grudge against Boss Pei or Ruan Guangjian. He only knew that his wallet would bleed out later.

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The struggling Qiao Liang, the well-intentioned Ruan Guangjian, and the fans who were watching on fervently came to the theme restaurant in the Thriller Hostel.

Ruan Guangjian gave a reason that was difficult for Qiao Liang to refuse, but he still failed to make up his mind to challenge the ‘Ultimate Horror’. Getting the admission ticket alone made him very desperate. On one side was filled with thirst for knowledge; the other side was filled with thirst for survival. Qiao Liang fell into a battle between heaven and man.

Therefore, everyone came first for lunch. They were all hungry especially after they were shocked at the Haunted House Nightmare.

However, Qiao Liang instinctively felt that something was wrong when he came to the entrance of the theme restaurant.

“Wait, where is the maid cafe? Why are we here?”

He had seen a healing maid cafe on the map of Thriller Hostel in between Ultimate Horror and Haunted House Nightmare. It was said that lovely young ladies would be there to serve you warm, hot drinks to comfort the frightened people.

However, for some reason, the fans actually walked to this ‘lunatic asylum theme restaurant’. Qiao Liang felt something was wrong when he saw this sign with white letters and red background.

“The maid cafe is only to drink coffee. There is nothing much to eat there. That is why we are here to eat. Come on!”

Everyone brought Qiao Liang in with malicious intent. Ruan Guangjian followed behind, smiling silently.

There was an iron prison door stained with bloody handprints under the dim light with a huge red button on it. Reaching out and pressing it, the iron prison door would automatically open before one could enter the theme restaurant.

Qiao Liang almost sucked in cold air.