2020 US online earning route

2020 US online earning route

Now that he had the general framework for the story, Pei Qian felt inspired to write the rest of the details. He quickly tapped away on his keyboard, expressing all his thoughts in words.

Technology would have flourished in the future.

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Robots would replace humans and take over most of the manual labor. Most manual laborers would lose their jobs and become poverty-stricken. Fortunately, they could depend on basic social welfare services for their food and lodging. The male protagonist was a jobless, poor man who had to depend on basic social welfare services and emergency relief to survive.

He lived in something like a capsule and could only sleep curled up. If he was not careful when he tried to sit up on his bed, he could knock his head against the ceiling He would receive instant food every day thanks to the emergency relief services. He would have to add boiling water into what looked like a gray flour paste. This would barely meet his daily nutritional needs.

There was a television in the capsule that the male protagonist lived in. This was the only form of entertainment available to him.

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The television programs were filled with all sorts of advertisements, which he could not skip over because he had insufficient money.

He could play games and chat with others on the television, but he had to pay to do all of these. Since the male protagonist could not even afford to skip advertisements, he naturally also could not afford other forms of entertainment.

Thus, the male protagonist spent his days watching advertisements and television programs. Each day, he had three hours to leave his capsule and walk around outside.

This was because the outside space could not be freely enjoyed by humans.

Rich people could roam around outside from 6 am to 6 pm every day, ordinary citizens from 6 pm to 12 am, and poverty-stricken people like the male protagonist from 12 am to 3 am.

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From 3 am to 6 am, the outside world would undergo mass cleaning, so that the rich people could enjoy it once again from 6 am onwards.

If poverty-stricken people went out or remained outside past their allocated time slot, they would be severely punished.