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“We all know that Old Qiao only went to Tengda once to test Repent and be Saved.”

“He’s going to be a game tester again. He’s probably going to try Repent and be Saved’s sequel because no other games would not get Old Qiao!”

After this high-intensity analysis, the fans were all shocked.

There were no other words apart from ‘666’.

Everyone expressed that this big boss was too awesome. They could even link together?

On top of that, the deduction was very logical!

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There are now three known conditions.

The author of Eternal Reincarnation spent a lot of effort to revise the original novel without much additional benefit and added a lot of details about the battle and plot.

Teacher Qiao revealed that Tengda’s new game had entered a testing stage.

Teacher Qiao had been hired by Tengda to try Repent and be Saved previously. This was also the only time he had gone to Tengda to try it out.

What’s more, Boss Pei had personally set up the inspiration class. It gathered all the outstanding authors in Zhongdian Chinese Network and made them work around Tengda’s IP. ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ was considered one of the more outstanding works.

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Now, there was a possibility that could string together all the known conditions.

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If Tengda really wanted to use the plot of Eternal Reincarnation to develop Repent and be Saved’s sequel, everything would make sense!

What’s more, digging deeper in this direction would lead to even more terrifying conclusions.

Everyone knew that Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class did not do very well.