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SUG E-Sports Club’s boss, Ding Gan, had just finished his meal with a few friends. He was prepared to go back and have a good sleep.

However, his cell phone rang just as he got into the car and took a short nap.

He picked it up and saw that it was Manager Yang from his club.

“Boss Ding, I have something to report to you.”

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“Just now, the director of the ICL league called to ask if there are any professional players who want to change their careers to being a commentator. He said that there’s a good opportunity now.”

Ding Gan was a little confused. “Didn’t you already recommend Old Zheng?”

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Manager Yang reminded him. “No, Boss Ding, we recommended Old Zheng to Boss Pei, which is to Bunny Tail Live-Stream. Now it’s for the official commentator team of the ICL league.”

Ding Gan said, “That should be it! Our main players are playing well. The reserves and trainees also have to train seriously. Only Old Zheng is older, so we let him try being a commentator. Everyone else is suitable.”

Manager Yang said, “Little Gao is alright. He’s quite eloquent and knows how to do the job.”

Ding Gan was unhappy at that moment. “That won’t do. Little Gao might be a reserve now, but he’s just over eighteen years old. It’s his year of playing. He’s going to be promoted to Team One soon. Wouldn’t it be a waste to send him off to be a commentator?”

Manager Yang said, “Yes, Boss Ding, I think so too. Then... should we reject him directly?”

Ding Gan pondered for a moment. “We can only turn them down. Who asked them not to come earlier? Bunny Tail Live-Stream came first. We have already sent out the suitable candidates. Zhao Xuming just came. There’s nothing we can do.”

“...Don’t tell me he can’t find someone suitable?”

Manager Yang said, “Probably not. As far as I know, Bunny Tail Live-Stream only looked for people in the FV Team and our team. They did not ask the other teams.”

“Our clubs are on better terms with Boss Pei after all.”

“If the official commentator team of the ICL league were to look for other clubs, they should be able to find some suitable candidates.”

“It’s just that these people’s understanding of the game would be slightly worse. FV Team’s strength and understanding of the game are at the top after all. Our team is behind them, the other teams are a few tiers behind them.”

Ding Gan said, “That has nothing to do with us.”