Use UG to make parts with UG

Use UG to make parts with UG

“This bast*rd’s novel is too funny, hahahahaha...”

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“Quickly update, lazy bum! I can’t wait to see which unlucky idiot’s ‘dream being realized!”

“This protagonist is rather interesting. You might say that he was doing something good, granting orders’ wishes on a whim but always obtaining the opposite effect. If you say that he was doing something bad, he was indeed doing something that had every sense of the meaning of success. He was only left with a face of confusion!”

“I wonder what kind of thought process this lazy bum has! He can even think of such a scenario!”

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“You’re still calling him lazy bum? Call him the Tentacle Beast! He made such a massive update in one month, making it to pay-to-read. Do you yield!”

“I really want to know if someone else is using this pen name. The difference in style and material is too large. Even his state experienced massive changes. Previously, it was a gift to be able to get one chapter. Now, he sometimes updates four or five chapters a week!”

“It seems like it’s the efforts of the authors’ class organized by the website. The works of authors who went to the class are getting better.”

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“I’ll @ the books I’m following right now!”

Pei Qian quickly glanced at the comments of the readers, his heart turning cold.

It seemed like... this book... has great reviews?

Pei Qian was shocked.

This was not as simple as Zhongdian Chinese Network having another good novel. More importantly, was Cui Geng worthy of the ‘special observer’ role?

How could a special observer start to write fervently every day? Would he still have the time to observe if he were to write so much?

He had absolutely let down Boss Pei’s expectations for this role!

Pei Qian was very anxious. He refreshed the application by accident, causing a new article to pop out. “I’d like to report a piece of good news to everyone. It has been 12 hours since the first VIP chapter was uploaded from 12am. This book has 8,000 subscribers now and has broken Zhongdian Chinese Network’s record!

“There are still another 12 hours. The estimated total subscribers would be within 12,000 to 15,000. It’s a very large breakthrough to both me and the website!

“I hope that everyone could come in to support before the final results are out. If you think this book is alright, please subscribe. Let us create a new record on Zhongdian Chinese Network!

“I’m also working hard on my writing. I’ll update with a 10,000-word chapter once midnight strikes!

“Thank you, everyone!” Pei Qian was feeling a little dizzy.