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“(It’s not strange that Keita fell in love in one blow!)”

Feeling confident, I nodded. In the beginning, Aguri-san would’ve ignored a small flea like Keita. However, that developed into a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

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How did that happen?

…There’s only one answer.

This is love detective Hoshinomori Chiaki’s excellent love sleuthing skills!

“(Keita is being played with by Aguri-san!)”

This is the only possible truth.

Having glimpsed at one of the frightening mysteries of the world, I trembled.

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“(Since Keita’s body isn’t her goal… i-it’s probably money. Asking him to pay at the game center… or, now that I remember, getting him to pay when they went to the cafe together…!)”

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced.

“(H-how scary. T-that’s why people like us can’t go outside! All riajuus are evil! They’ll have us on the palm of their hand, dressing up as angels even though they’re actually the devil! Oh, but Uehara-san is different.”

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I’m amazed at how easy Keita is. Good grief, that hopeless chibi fell in love just because someone was somewhat nice to him. Good grief.

“(I… I have to make sure!)”

I looked up with a determined look. …I really hate Keita, but I can’t stand to see someone so similar to me get played by a riajuu.

“(I-I have to make him see the truth…!)”

I, the love detective, suddenly noticed something.

“(That’s right…! Asking Tendo-san to be his friend… is an SOS from Keita! Since he can’t separate from Aguri-san by his own will, this is the best SOS he can do!)”

Having noticed the desire of someone just like me, small tears formed in my eye.

“(I got it, I got it, Keita. Today’s lunch break. I… having received your message, will go to class F to confirm the truth about the devil! Tendo-san please receive his message as well!)”