What product can be promoted online?

What product can be promoted online?

In other words, everyone’s standards were still rather low at this initial stage.

Clubs would definitely do their due diligence on whether this game would be able to continue its popularity or not whenever they want to open a subdivision for it.

Would it not be wasted money and effort if they opened a subdivision and plonked money into training only for the subdivision to be dissolved?

GOG was having a war with IOI now. Many clubs had the same thinking: choose from the winner. They only needed to cultivate one team for these two MOBA games.

Therefore, even if they had GOG subdivisions currently, they were not much of a force. At such a time, a professional coach-even one that was not outstandingly-would be able to bring transformational changes to the team.

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Zhang Yuan might not know esports very well, but he was not dumb. The coaches he sought would definitely not be half-baked. If he were to add on the mysterious luck that Boss Pei had and promoted an SSR player or coach from the team...

The results would be very undesirable.

Therefore, Pei Qian had to find a coach that he was satisfied with, and that same person had to make Zhang Yuan shut up.

That was too difficult!

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It was such a headache for Pei Qian. However, luckily, he told Zhang Yuan that he would let him know in two weeks so it was not too urgent.

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Pei Qian walked into Deposit Fitness. It was a weekend as well, but there were obviously fewer people than there were previously. Pei Qian was taken back for a short while before realizing what happened. He could not help but be delighted

Many clients from last week had been successfully dissuaded!

The payment method of Deposit Fitness left no room for hesitation to join their membership. It could be fully refunded anyway.

However, not everyone could strictly follow and persevere with the plans.

Once they could not persevere, they would be persuaded to ‘be refunded’ and would not be able to join again in the short term.

Therefore, that had successfully dissuaded many clients!

That announcement did attract some clients, and some of them did join the memberships based on that. However, what was the point if they could not persevere?

Pei Qian could not help but feel proud of his intelligence. Other than that, there were some slight changes to the Deposit Fitness as compared to the previous week. There were now three service personnel in the gym. That was only one person responsible for distributing the wristband, attending to the front desk previously. The personal trainers would also do a bit of introduction and bring the clients around.