Sound online

Sound online

I was alone with Ria-san in her room.

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Sitting on a wine red carpet, we sank into silence.

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The silence felt almost suffocating.

To the point where the sound of the second hand of the clock ticking second by second could be heard clearly.

(……How did this happen)

As a result of that duel that gambled each other’s human rights, she became my slave. No, she was forced to become.

(A princess from one country became a slave of a stranger while studying abroad. If this was leaked to her home country… Not just at the level of troublesome but – a terrible uproar will occur…)

To be honest… I really want to be done with this.

Why do I have to suffer through this…

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I sighed in my heart for the umpteenth time.

After that duel, Leia-sensei brought us here halfway forcibly, saying, 「Slaves have to dedicate everything to their master!」

And then she said, 「I’ll arrange to move all of Allen’s baggage here tomorrow, so that’s the plan!」and she went off somewhere.

She really is like a tempest.

(…But in light of the academy rules and the common sense of society, Leia-sensei’s behavior is not wrong.)

That’s right.