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「If that’s the case, it wouldn’t end with just me being sacked. The Thousand Blade Academy would be closed down, and this country would have been plunged into great chaos. It is all thanks to you that everyone is safe now. Thank you very much.」

Leia-sensei stood up and bowed her head deeply.

「P-Please don’t do that! I didn’t do anything that significant. I only managed to destroy the barrier and everything else was done by that guy, my spirit core!」

「Don’t be so humble. I heard from the vice-director that Allen destroyed a very advanced barrier. And the strength of the swordsman directly translates to the strength of the spirit core. You can be proud. It was you who saved this academy, no one else.」

「Ha, haa…」

Even if she says that… To be honest, I don’t really feel like I have saved the academy. As I was perplexed, sensei eyed me silently.

(Due to his『super regeneration』Allen’s hair is mixed with that guy’s white hair… This is bad. The『path』is opening up much faster than expected… If it keeps going like this, soon enough–)

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「Se-Sensei… What’s the matter?」I called out to sensei, as her look became increasingly troubled.

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「…No, sorry. I was just thinking about something. Don’t worry about it.」

「I see… Thank you very much for your work.」

Perhaps she’s extremely tired.

The Black Organization attacked exactly during the emergency meeting convened by the government – so it’s no wonder.

「Fufu. I’m making full use of No. 18, so I don’t have that much fatigue. Alright, before we conclude, I’ll let you know about the people who were arrested.」

Sensei coughed once and spoke indifferently.

「We were able to secure about 350 members of the black organization. Unfortunately, we failed to capture Fu Rudras and Dodriel Barton… Dodriel most likely escaped through the shadows. What a troublesome ability」she said, annoyedly.

「Eh, sensei knows about Dodriel?」

「Aa, of course. The number one spear of the Black Organization who has been rampaging in various places recently. He’s terribly tough and stands up no matter how many times he’s hit by a fatal wound. Especially his strange soul dress which controls shadow. Thanks to that, border security was as good as meaningless. The bunch who attacked this time, too, were probably sent through the shadows by Dodriel.」

「Is that so…」