Online part-time software is more profitable

Online part-time software is more profitable

“Obviously, Boss Ma has two purposes for sending a message to Boss Pei: one is to remind investors of the risk of the cold-faced lady, and the other is to remind Meng Chang that the current cold-faced lady is just an empty building. She will definitely fail. It’s not too late to make changes now.”

“It’s a pity that the high-spirited Meng Chang did not realize the severity of the warning this time. He continued to follow his script stubbornly.”

“However, what he doesn’t know is that he would not be walking on the script that he had thought of, but the script that Boss Pei had arranged for him.”

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“Boss Ma’s questions at the news conference gave Meng Chang a blow to the head. He could only spend all his money on the Cold-Faced Lady’s shop and use marketing, popularity, and beautiful financial reports to exchange for investors’ trust.”

“However, the process was not smooth because the nail that Boss Ma buried at the news conference was still hurting the investors. The investments that Meng Chang could obtain had harsh contents such as valuation adjustment mechanism agreement. Meng Chang still lacked the bargaining chips to bargain with the investors.”

“At that moment, Meng Chang fell into a dilemma. He knew that the Cold-Faced Lady was still far from what he wanted. If he took the hot money now, there would definitely be a huge problem.”

“It’s not too late for Meng Chang to give up now.”

“However, at that moment, Boss Pei extended a helping hand again and invested six million yuan. This allowed Meng Chang to once again possess bargaining chips in hand to deal with the other investors and his confidence was reignited.”

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“However, in hindsight, Boss Pei’s move should be considered ‘playing cat and mouse’. If not for this investment, the Cold-Faced Lady’s ending might have been a flash in the pan, disappearing without a trace. Meng Chang’s entrepreneurship would have failed but he would not have any debts. The two million yuan that Boss Pei invested in the beginning would have been wasted.”

“However, the facts have proven that while Boss Pei’s money seemed easy to get, it’s actually not easy at all.”

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“The confident Meng Chang launched a grand marketing campaign in a more high-profile manner. His dominance made the observing investors waver. The investors were afraid of missing the Cold-Faced Lady’s train and were already considering removing the harsh conditions. The mentality of both parties gradually reversed.”

“Meng Chang felt that he was one step away from his goal. He was within reach. Thus, he came to Jingzhou with a carefully prepared financial report once, hoping to get a last sum of money from Boss Pei.”

“As long as this sum of money was in place, other investors will follow suit. The Cold-Faced Lady’s valuation will reach an unprecedented height. Meng Chang would have many choices, such as selling to Quanmin Reviews and other food and beverage giants to exit.”

“However, Boss Pei only sneered after reading Meng Chang’s financial report. What caught Meng Chang off guard was that Boss Pei directly sold all the shares of the Cold-Faced Lady in his hands. He even sold them at a low price, causing the Cold-Faced Lady’s valuation to plummet!”

“Meng Chang is one step away, but the difference was like heaven and earth.”

“After that, Meng Chang’s actions were completely controlled by Boss Pei. When he saw that the Cold-Faced Lady was about to collapse, Boss Pei invested two million yuan to raise the price. When he saw that the Cold-Faced Lady’s condition was gradually improving, he sold all his shares.”