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how much money should you have to retire

[He, he was blown awayーーーー!!?? The Super Heavy Freak is lightly blown off, and immediately crashes into the wall of the arenaaaaaaa!!??]

Yes, he was sent flying.

“Hey, wait a minute! What’s going on!? Did he use magic?? How did such a huge guy get blown away!?”

『Short Strong(Fajin)... also known as ... the 【Great Demon One Inch Punch】 is what was used...』

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It was a technique completely different from the jabs and straights I’ve been used to.

It was a complete unknown.

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[Such an outrageous punch, by Wacha Huacha! And thus...... Khaldash, he’s out cold! No contest! This match is a victory for Wacha Huacha!!]

“Waaacha, Huacha, Wachahowacha ? hai!”

“”””Waaacha, Huacha, Wachahowacha ? hai!””””

At that moment, the victor was decided, and at the same time, the crowd erupted in cheers.

Wacha bowed to the audience with his hands joined together.

“Inya, as expected, Mr. Wacha. After all, in a fight, he’s really strong.”

“Indeed, I’m amazed~. The man in question is humble, and his ability does not reach the Three Fingers of the Arcane True Zenith. Machio, Bro, and myself, that is what we are called, but in a serious fight, he would be much stronger than me~.”

Elder sis Tsukshi’s words were convincing.

I shuddered involuntarily.

To be honest, with Mr. Machio, I can’t compare who was stronger.