How about writing novels on the Internet?

How about writing novels on the Internet?

“Why do I see many gamers discussing our new game online? Is there a problem with your publicity plan?”

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Pei Qian looked to be more affected than Meng Chang.

Meng Chang could not figure out Boss Pei’s intention.

What was going on? Shouldn’t Boss Pei be secretly happy now?

Why does he look like he’s more urgent than me?

Yes, Boss Pei is full of tricks. He must be bluffing me!

He deliberately showed such a hypocritical expression. It looked like he was on my side, but in fact, he was trying to make me break through his defense.


At that thought, Meng Chang immediately put on an indifferent expression. “No, everything went very smoothly. Everything is under my control.”

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Pei Qian was skeptical. “Really?”

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Meng Chang nodded confidently. “Really, Boss Pei, you don’t have to worry.”

“However, I do have some small requests this time.”

Pei Qian: “What request?”