Can I make money on online part-time questionnaires?

Can I make money on online part-time questionnaires?

“Yep, it looks like the app is working correctly.”

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…It’s from Kousei-kun’s smartphone.

…Konoha-san and I secretly exchanged looks.

…Hmm, …right. Yes, I understand. If the situation got a bit stabler, …it’s almost time for me to ask this. Yep.

After Konoha-san and I looked at each other, I spoke up to Kousei-kun sheepishly.

“Ah, …hey, Kousei-kun? I really want to ask this. Uh, that thing that can make us hear Amano-kun talking clearly, don’t tell me…that’s an eavesdropping-“

“This is just an app for pranks.”

Kousei-kun’s mouth cracked into a smile and interrupted me. …That’s horrifying.

“Uh, but that clearly looks like an eavesdropping device using Amano-kun’s phone. Isn’t it slightly illegal when we can hear them talk-“

“This is just an app for pranks between brothers. It’s just that onii-san doesn’t know someone’s listening to them.”

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“…No, so doesn’t that make it an eaves-“

“It’s just a prank.”