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How to make money winter holidays

If she doesn’t decline admission, we’ll probably see each other before long.

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When I was thinking about that, I noticed a faint trace of blood on my left palm.

(Eh…?『Whose』blood is this?)

First and foremost, it is not my blood.

I haven’t had a single hit land on me in the fights so far, I am completely unscathed.

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And it’s hard to think it’s Lou’s blood.

The only time I came into contact with her was that moment when I strangled her neck.

At that time, Lou’s wound was already completely healed, so that possibility is very low.

(If that’s the case… No way…)

One possibility crossed my mind.

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(Is it possible that〈Companion Partner〉has the ability to link the conditions of Lou and her target?)

If I look at it that way, everything fits together perfectly.

Just before the start of the special exam, she made sure that I would heal her with darkness.

During the battle, she suddenly harmed herself.

And then, she asked me why I was unscathed with a shocked expression on her face.

And all of a sudden, Zeon came out to the surface.