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Two of the world’s leading swordsmen joined hands just to peep into the women’s bath.



They aligned their movements and launched fierce attacks.


I somehow endured the violent storm of attacks by dodging, parrying, and sidestepping.

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「As expected of an inhuman, what unbelievable tenacity… But how about this?!」

Sebas-san swung his mop vigorously, and shot seven slashes into the air.

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「Kuh! First Sword – Flying Shadow x7!」

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At an instant’s judgement, I fired seven consecutive flying slashes.

Within a fraction of a second, the 7 Flying Shadow and the 7 Rainbow Slashes collided violently, and a strong shock wave flowed.

(It seems that I managed to offset it safely.)

The moment I was feeling relieved,

「Absolute Sword – Purple Thrust!」