How to make money on the Internet 2020

How to make money on the Internet 2020

You still have the cheek to talk to me about the ICL broadcast rights?

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Not only did you cause me to spend twenty to thirty million yuan more because of the promotional video that you posted,the price of broadcasting rights that you discussed with other live-stream platforms had also greatly decreased. We have not reached a consensus until now!

Eric felt like he had been beaten up and then the other party had come to the hospital to greet him hypocritically.

He was both angry and confused, not knowing how to react.

Pei Qian continued, “I heard that you have not reached an agreement with the various live-stream platforms? It should be very troubling, right? To be honest, Bunny Tail Live-Stream wants to buy the exclusive broadcast rights of ICL. Boss Eric, name a price.”

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Eric was confused.

Boss Pei wanted to buy ICL’s broadcast rights? Oh no, exclusive broadcast rights?

The difference in price was several times greater!

What’s more, what was Boss Pei up to? He looked so confident. Why did he think that he would sell it to him?

Eric had no idea what Boss Pei was thinking.

However, since Boss Pei was asking, he could just give him a higher price to scare him off.

Eric considered this seriously.

Eric knew very well that it was impossible to sell the exclusive broadcasting rights at 11 million yuan after a few days of wrangling. 9 million yuan was an ideal price, but it was also very difficult. It would be good if it could be sold at around 8 million yuan in the end.

Based on the current situation, there were only three or four platforms that were really interested in ICL broadcasting rights. The final price would be about 24 million yuan or 32 million yuan.

The other platforms might look interested on the surface, but they were not determined at all. They might give up if the price was slightly higher. They could not be counted on.