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That was mainly because Pei Qian himself was intending to live there!

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If they engaged a rubbish designer who made a mess of the apartments, Pei Qian would eventually become frustrated and be forced to spend more money fixing the problems.

Thus, after much consideration, Pei Qian made a special request to Gaoling Construction and Design: he wanted a designer under thirty years old.

Designers like that would have far less experience, and their designs would be far less expensive and noteworthy. Pei Qian could be assured that he would not attract unnecessary attention.

At the same time, a designer who was recommended by Zhou Nanling could not be that bad. He would probably not make a mess of the apartments, and so Pei Qian would not have to worry. On the whole, Liang Qingfan fit the bill!

At the same time, Liang Qingfan was shocked at Boss Pei’s age. He could tell that Boss Pei was genuinely welcoming and appreciating him from the look in his eyes. There was no contempt or dissatisfaction.

That made Liang Qingfan like Boss Pei even more!

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As an extremely young designer, Liang Qingfan often felt like his clients doubted his capabilities because of his age. Although none of his clients had vocalized those worries, Liang Qingfan was still well aware of them.

Yet, Boss Pei’s attitude was refreshing.

They exchanged a couple of pleasantries before Pei Qian led Liang Qingfan to the elevator. They arrived at the showroom of the building.

The moment they entered, Liang Qingfan saw that one-fourth of the unit was taken up by the living room, which was shaped like a quadrant. There was a sofa, a coffee table, a television, a round dining table, a piano, and two seats meant for sipping tea by the window.

On the whole, the place conformed to societal norms.

Obviously, the developer had not hired an elite designer to design the showroom. However, from the looks of the room in front of him, Liang Qingfan guessed that the designer had not been that bad. He had clearly done his best.