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With their brilliant swordsmanship, they cut down the group of black cloaks one after another and runs up the building.

Judging from his movements, it seems that the Five Wealthy Merchants are on the seventh floor; the top floor.

「Ria, Rose, we’re going too!」


As we proceeded to the top floor together with the reliable private soldiers, they suddenly stopped on the sixth floor.



「I can’t… hit…!?」

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The skilled private soldiers were felled one after another by a single swordsman clad in black.

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「……No, No, No! It’s too crunchy! Entertain me more and more and more! Aha-ahaha-hahahahaha! 」

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The black swordsman began to laugh like mad as he trampled on the fallen soldiers.

(……He’s dangerous.)

When I readied the sword in front my chest, increasing my guard,

「……!? Is it possible!? Maybe… Maybe… Maybe…!? You’re Allen!?」