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“…I’m sorry, Aguri-san. I feel like I just said something weird back then.”

After I apologized, uncharacteristically, Aguri-san did the same thing.

“Hey, …sorry, Amanocchi. I was acting strangely back then too.”

“It’s fine. …Anyway, let’s go to another place for now.”

“Yeah, …sure.”

Both of us got back together and headed toward the other floors.

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After that, no matter which store we went into, …for some reason, we couldn’t recreate that lively mood in the beginning.

“Well, I’ll see you at the restaurant after an hour.”

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It’s been 30 minutes since we separated from each other.

“…Ah, there’s still half an hour.”

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I stared at the roof that extends for 3 floors dazedly as I sighed.

To recover the mood and to stop us from worrying about each other, we suggested we split. It should be a good thing. …However, I realized there’s nothing in this department store that takes me an hour to buy. I’m a hikkineet, after all.