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There was a very important reason why Qiu Hong chose the incubation base here. It was because there was a Fish-Catching Take-Out shop nearby that could easily solve the problem of food.

After Wu Zhicheng had his fill, he burped and drank his milk tea. What kind of heavenly work environment was this?!

Before this, he had been hesitant about whether he should work here. On one hand, he felt that it was quite troublesome to take the subway for four stations a day. On the other hand, he was worried that he would not be able to do things in a carefree manner.

However, looking at the working environment now, Wu Zhicheng only had one thought: Was this heaven?

In the afternoon, Xi Hao, Wu Zhicheng, and three other employees from the administrative department had a meeting.

Xi Hao briefly introduced the roles of these three people: one was in charge of resources statistics, planning and development nodes of progress, one was in charge of the proposal and communication of art resources, one was in charge of financial reimbursement, collecting data and printing, and various other tasks.

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This was the framework that Qiu Hong had prepared for the incubation base after careful consideration.

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There were three groups like that in the entire incubation base. Each group could be responsible for four to six independent game projects.

In other words, the entire incubation base could incubate 12 to 18 independent game projects at the same time under the most efficient circumstances, ensuring that these game projects would obtain the most perfect support.

The three people in the group had a clear division of labor. Basically, they were responsible for everything apart from the game design and the specifics of the game.

As the person-in-charge, Xi Hao had to understand all the independent game projects. He also had to plan and supervise the work of all the teams.

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Wu Zhicheng was still a little nervous.

That was because he had been cooped up at home ever since he started creating independent games. He had very little interaction with others, especially when it came to work.

Now, he felt a little nervous facing four people who were taking notes seriously with a pen and paper.

However, Wu Zhicheng quickly adjusted his mentality and began to introduce the basic situation of Black Ink and Clouds.

“Black Ink and Clouds” is a platform action-based game. I have planned a total of ten stages. Each stage has a unique boss and small monster…”

Wu Zhicheng gave them a general overview of the contents like what he did with Qiu Hong.

The four people on the opposite side nodded as they silently noted down.

It was better to hear it from the designer himself even if they might already have some basic information about Black Ink and Clouds.