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In fact, I think the existence of Ichinose is the starting point of getting to the solution.

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All that remains is the difference in the way the pieces are used.

“You’ve really put me in the hot seat, but I’m not going to get involved in something like this. I’m going to go meet with other people right now, and then I’m going to take care of this issue with Kushida-san myself.”

In other words, she has no intentions of involving Ichinose?

(Part 7 End)

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After we got out into the hallway, an unexpected person was waiting. She waved and smiled, and ran over as soon as noticed us. Horikita wasn’t surprised. Instead, she approached her and responded positively.

“Kushida-san, I’ve kept you waiting for a while.”

“It’s alright, there’s still some time left until the appointed time. What were you talking about with Honami-chan just now?”

“Just a trifling topic.”

“I’m interested. Or is it something you can’t tell me about?”

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Her tone and smile remained the same, but I could feel a heavy pressure that seemed to be directed at Horikita.

“Yeah, after all, it wasn’t something unrelated to you. Let’s talk.”

Horikita began to naturally recount the conversation that she had with Ichinose, making slight changes where necessary.