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Make money on the Internet 2000 software

Assistant Xin asked, “Then... Boss Pei, are you still selling the building?”

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Pei Qian remained silent for a long time. “Not selling anymore...”

How was he supposed to sell it now?

This building was no longer a simple building in the eyes of many. It was a barometer of Tengda’s current financial situation.

Selling buildings meant that Tengda’s capital flow was not good. Gamers would burst out with unprecedented enthusiasm and charge in the game. They could not let Tengda collapse.

Players would only feel that Tengda’s crisis was over if they gave up on selling the buildings. They would not continue to charge money.

What’s more, he had a lot of funds now. How would he spend the extra money if he sold the building?

After hanging up, Pei Qian felt melancholic.

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Even though he had to reconsider how to spend money even if he sold the building, he had to reconsider how to spend money even if he did not sell the building now. The two moods were worlds apart!

Pei Qian briefly considered the new spending plan.

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There was already a wave of activity on the 515 Games Day. If Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation did not continue to upgrade the burning war, the System would probably not allow him to burn money on a larger scale.

However, Pei Qian felt that Eric would not give up so easily.

I already believed you when you said that you wanted to burn money until Tengda’s capital chain ruptures. Don’t lie to me!

Thus, Pei Qian planned to divide the funds that he had and could obtain in the future into three parts.

Part of it was left to the domestic market to deal with the burning war between Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation that could be upgraded. The other part was scattered overseas to continue burning money to promote GOG’s overseas league. The other part was left to the first large store that was about to officially open for business.