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“It means that controlling the outcome of the quiz is the first condition for passing the final exam.”

“Ah! That’s what I thought too.”

Sudō’s eyes lit up brilliantly. He was spreading a lie he couldn’t possibly keep up with.

Horikita’s interpretation was undoubtedly correct. The quizzes certainly determine who you ultimately get matched up with. This means there must be a sorting system that we can learn about ahead of time.

The school promised to eventually explain it to the students so they don’t end up making complex, strange decisions.

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As to how thoroughly Horikita understands the situation, I can do nothing but watch.

“Like matching up people with similar scores, something like that?”

Karuizawa properly understood the situation and casually proposed an idea.

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“Or matching people who answered the same for each question?”

Sudō heard this and desperately worked his head to give input of his own.

“Neither possibility can be denied as there is no way we can know for sure.”

Hirata seemed to have some doubts about Horikita’s response. The smile on his face vanished and turned into a serious expression.

“I understand the general outline of the situation, but I have some doubts about the sorting process.”

“What would those be? No matter what you have to say, I’d be glad to hear your opinion.”

Horikita prompted for Hirata to share his thoughts on the matter with a welcoming gaze.