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“After all, if I handed Tasuku chocolate respectfully and sincerely, …you won’t take it as fast as you just did, right?”

My heart skipped a beat after hearing that. It’s because…she’s right.

Aguri continued looking outside.

“A while ago, when Tasuku rejected my Labear- …no, my gift, I think I can tell what you’re thinking recently.”

“…What am I thinking?”

I asked tremblingly while Aguri answered with a bitter smile.

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“Amano can do everything for Aguri’s sake, but look at me right now. I’m so useless. Do I really have the right to take this honmei chocolate? Is this correct?”

“Hehehe, don’t underestimate how observant Aguri-san can be.”

I almost dropped the bread and chocolate on the ground because her words are so on-point. I quickly balanced myself and put the bread back into the package. During this time, Aguri turned around and tongued out with a smile.

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“That’s a lie. Actually, half of this is thanks to Amanocchi.”


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“Yes, but I did more or less know what Tasuku’s thinking. So, Amanocchi called me in the morning and told me what you said to me. This just proves that I’m right.”

“…What did he say?”

“He said I’ll get a good result with a blitzkrieg. My lucky item is orichalcum.”

“Why is he fortune-telling? Also, the latter suggestion wasn’t for people at all!”

“So, I decided to give you chocolate when you’re least expecting it.”