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"Miss Mellicent? Yes, in the distance. She, too is looking most charming, Mrs. Blaisdell."

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The woman tapped her foot impatiently.

"Yes, I know she is—and some other folks so, too, I notice. Was she with that Pennock boy?"

"Not when I saw her."

"Well, she will be, if she isn't now. He follows her everywhere."

"But I thought—that was broken up." Mr. Smith now was frowning.

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"It was. YOU know what that woman said—the insult! But now, since this money came—" She let an expressive gesture complete the sentence.

Mr. Smith laughed.

"I wouldn't worry, Mrs. Blaisdell. I don't think he'll make much headway—now."

"Indeed, he won't—if I can help myself!" flashed the woman indignantly.

"I reckon he won't stand much show with Miss Mellicent—after what's happened."

"I guess he won't," snapped the woman. "He isn't worth half what SHE is now. As if I'd let her look at HIM!"

"But I meant—" Mr. Smith stopped abruptly. There was an odd expression on his face.

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Mrs. Blaisdell filled the pause.

"But, really, Mr. Smith, I don't know what I am going to do—with

Mellicent," she sighed.

"Do with her?"

"Yes. She's as wild as a hawk and as—as flighty as a humming-bird, since this money came. She's so crazy with joy and excited."

"What if she is?" challenged Mr. Smith, looking suddenly very happy himself. "Youth is the time for joy and laughter; and I'm sure I'm glad she is taking a little pleasure in life."