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"You are the possessor of a fateful Tenchuusatsu" she told me.

"Uwa...seriously?". The one surprised by that result was not me but rather Ibuki and the fortune-teller herself. Tenchuusatsu was a word even I was not aware of until yesterday, so even if another word were added on top of that, it would only cause me further confusion.

"Simply put, from the moment you were born, you have been living a life of misfortunes" Ibuki explained to me.

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"That is again an amazing thing...". Whether or not this is pure coincidence, it was once again accurate. It's just, the fortune-telling was still ambiguous in regards to this matter. Because if one looks at themselves pessimistically, there's no shortage of people who would look back and think of their lives as being unlucky. But if it's the unusual Tenchuusatsu, it would be a risk for the fortune-teller to say that as well.

"By the way, is that fateful Tenchuusatsu going to continue from here on out too?" I asked.

"Just a while ago, that girl over said it meant living a life of misfortunes, but that is wrong".

"That girl...".

"Fateful Tenchuusatsu is indeed uncommon. But that doesn't mean it curses your entire life to be misfortunate. Indeed the flow itself is bad, you will be unable to receive blessing of a family or parents. But that's only up to your personality. What you will do from now on is something you yourself must decide" the fortune-teller told me.

From the sharp expression she had earlier, now in the fortune-teller's eyes I could see benevolence.

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"There's no need to feel pessimistic and there's no need to act like the protagonist of a comedy too" she told me.

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I've heard quite a lot of interesting stories today, but after all it's just fortune-telling.

It's not something that causes you to look with bloodshot eyes or tilt your ears to hear better. When I tried to get up from my seat, I was again called by the fortune-teller.

"One more prediction for you. Go back straight instead of taking any detours. If you take a detour unnecessarily, you may be stuck for a long time. But even if you get stuck do not panic. Stay calm and if you cooperate, you should be able to overcome that too" the fortune-teller told me.

She left behind such words of prophecy.

"How was it, your first fortune-telling experience?".

"How about you?".

"Mostly satisfied. That fortune-teller is quite famous around the world. It's said that the accuracy is quite high as well" Ibuki told me.

"I suppose looks like a simple profession but it's surprisingly difficult".