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Residing in my talisman, the ‘Hair’ from my first encounter with ‘God’.

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Using it I ――――

“I wondered if the hero, Hiro’s foolish act of destroying God would stain the world with despair, but… after all, my scheme was right…”

15 years have passed since God’s destruction.

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During that time, to avoid the eyes of the Allied Forces, the Seven Heroes, and the Demons who turned on us, ‘We’ remained in hiding, but the time has finally come.

That’s why all that was needed was the ‘Final Key’.

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However, finding one worthy of being that Final Key proved most difficult.

But fate smiled upon us.

Not only the Heroes, but the children of the Seven Heroes, will eventually pose a threat to ‘us’. To confirm their power, the previous match held in the Imperial City was monitored through magic crystal, but I never expected the ‘Final Key’ would be there.

In order to make the Final Key, I even trained a talented young lad, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Even though he wasn’t under my tutelage, lo and behold a ‘man’ wielding the power of the ‘Demon King’ appeared.

How that man was able to use the power of the Great Demon King, I do not know. However, such a thing should be examined at a later time. It’s a small matter in front of the fact that the power of the Great Demon King was used. No matter who the man is related to.