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Yes, everyone seemed to be a little full of themselves now!

However, that was human nature. Their first attempt at making a movie made a box office of more than 200 million yuan. It was very difficult for normal people not to float.

Huang Sibo typed his reply out, “What has Shock Therapy got to do with this then?”

Zhu Xiaoce replied quickly, “Think about it. What will happen if we are to prepare for filming the next film with our current mentality?

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“The success of Tomorrow is Beautiful is firstly due to Boss Pei’s good script. Secondly, it was because of the inspiration accumulated by every one of us. That was what allowed us to achieve a superb level of performance in the process of creating the film. Finally, we filmed with a cautious, humble heart because it was our first movie.

“What about now? “I have no doubt that Boss Pei will be able to come up with a good script, but we have exhausted our inspiration. At the same time, we have become proud. There is no way we still maintain our previous mentality.

“We’ll definitely screw the movie up if we were to make a movie in this state!

“Obviously, Boss Pei has realized the serious imbalance in the mentality of everyone in Fei Huang Workspace. He, therefore, decided to use shock therapy to get us to reflect and re-adjust our state!”

A reminder to wake up the dreamers. Huang Sibo suddenly felt that it made total sense!

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He asked hurriedly, “What should we do now then? Do nothing while staying at home?”

Zhu Xiaoce, “Reflect and restore our mentality. Another important aspect is to replenish our inspiration. “It’s impossible to rely on hard work without methods in the movie industry. We’ll only make bad movies without inspiration. Not only would it make losses, but we would also be scolded very badly.

“We can only make better works with sufficient inspiration.

“Therefore, we have to advance ourselves!”