Baidu online contribution to make money

Baidu online contribution to make money

Hence, Pei Qian thought of this perfect way.

He could just deploy Huang Sibo somewhere else, right? Huang Sibo could indeed have a little flair at game creation; fine, that was alright. Since that was the case, then Pei Qian wasn’t going to let Huang Sibo continue doing games!

Pei Qian would ask him to go to an industry foreign to Huang Sibo and give him a million yuan to do as he liked; most likely, he would end up in failure! At that time, without Huang Sibo around, the game might start to incur losses while Huang Sibo might lose another one million due to mismanagement; wasn’t that the best of both worlds?

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Haha, I am indeed a genius! To be able to think of such a perfect plan!

Pei Qian was extremely pleased with himself.

However, come to think of it…

Bao Xu was another thorn in his side.

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Ocean Stronghold’s success had also been due to Bao Xu’s creativity. Bao Xu’s rich gaming experience must have given him this insight.

Pei Qian looked at Bao Xu and said, “This time, Bao Xu had gotten the second-highest number of votes; he has also done much for the company.

“Although second place might be a pity; the company will not forget your contributions.

“As the second-best employee, you will be given one month of paid leave. From tomorrow onwards, you don’t have to come to work. You can go and travel and sightsee—explore the world. That would be beneficial to your work in the future as well.”

November 27th, Sunday...

Pei Qian did not set the alarm this morning. He had wanted to sleep happily until noon, but he woke up at seven in the morning and was no longer sleepy.

He felt an inexplicable sense of panic and unease.

“Which department is causing trouble for me again...”

Pei Qian was speechless. He tossed and turned but could not fall asleep. He took his cell phone from the bedside and swiped it aimlessly.

Then, he accessed IOI’s forum out of habit.

During this period of time, Pei Qian had been paying close attention to IOI. He hoped that the game would improve quickly so that he could legitimately burn money for GOG.

Two days ago, public opinion on IOI and Finger Games had not been very good. Pei Qian was very worried.