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I can't help with the china but I feel like I should help out with cutting the vegetables too.

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As I stood beside Albert, he looked at me silently and so I tried communicating with him via eye contact.

"Can you handle it? Cutting vegetables, I mean".


Somehow, we managed to understand one another sufficiently enough and he handed over the kitchen knife to me.

I'm glad I've utilized one before, even if only a little, since I had started living in the dorm.

I cut the vegetables, keeping up with Albert's proficiency.

Still, I wonder exactly where that Kouenji went off to.

It's already been more than 30 minutes since he said he'd be going to the toilet. Class A and Class B students each sent a single student to look for him but seeing as how they aren't back yet, it would appear they haven't found him.

In the end, Kouenji did not return until breakfast and even after he returned, he didn't even try to persistently make the excuse that he was stuck in the toilet due to a stomach ache.

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As such, I should assume the relationship between Ishizaki and Kouenji has completely deteriorated.

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3 o'clock in the morning of that very same Saturday, it happened while I was studying morals in the classroom. I could hear the cheerful voice of a girl from outside. When I peered out of the window from the 3rd floor, I could see the figure of Ichinose running energetically around the campus. She seemed to have had a difficult time putting together her group on the first day but the important thing is that she looks cheerful now.

Sakayanagi had declared her intention to crush Ichinose but so far there's no sign of that happening. Of course, that might only be on the surface.

Gazing down from above, I could tell who Ichinose's group members are to a certain extent. Surprisingly enough, I only spotted one person from our Class C among them. As for Class B, Ichinose's the only one there I recognized. Perhaps just like the boys have done, they're forming groups comprised of a majority class to maintain the four classes status quo and picked her from Class B to meet the minimum requirement.

I don't really know the students from Class A and Class B in detail but I also spotted the girl who collided with Horikita during the sports festival and sustained injuries as part of Ryuuen's ploy.

Fortunately, it looks like she's made a complete recovery since she's now running without much difficulty. By the way, the student from our Class C who's part of that group is a girl by the name of Wang Mei-Yu.