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Chiaki bitterly smiled after hearing my answer. …It’s hard to blame her. It’s because the other 4 people are…

“I can’t believe Konoha’s with Aguri-chan and Uehara-kun’s with Kousei-kun. These pairs really have an unstable relationship at best…”

“Yep, especially for Aguri-san and Uehara-kun. I bet they’re disappointed.”

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Seriously, I feel so sorry for them. So, I suggested to Tendou-san, “Just let them be together…” However, she didn’t even accept it.

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“To be fair, it’s very possible to put ‘entertainment’ in the first place if people with good relationships got into the same group. That’s why we’re drawing lots, right. In the end, all of this is meaningless if we just regroup because someone’s not satisfied. Don’t you think so?”

That’s right. We felt speechless with her incredibly correct answer. …So, all of us ended up like this. Everyone aside from Tendou-san isn’t satisfied with the result.

“Hiya, Karen-san’s really the Game Club president. She’s amazing.”

Perhaps Chiaki’s just remembering what happened 2 hours ago like I am. She bitterly smiled and said, “Right.” I answered.

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“A place like this can really make us associate with the original president, Main-san…”

“Really? From what I can see, she looks like a serious person….”

“No, the true Main-san will arm herself with relentless logic and correct answers.”

“Ugh, t-this is pretty hard to defeat.”

“Yes, …that’s why.”’

I can’t help but frown when I remembered Main-san’s overwhelming strength. As for Chiaki, she watched Tendou-san playing the game. “Actually…” She spoke up.

“…Hey, Keita, do you think that Karen-san can defeat Main-san?”