What skills can be learned online

What skills can be learned online

A suspicious look appeared on her face as soon as she held it in her hands. After all, it was a tiny, square box, and moreover, it didn’t weigh very much at all.

“Did you even put anything in it?”

“I wouldn’t have the courage to gift you an empty box.”

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I could already imagine how angry she would get if I did something like that.

“Then I suppose you wouldn’t mind if I make sure of that, hmm?”

Kei spoke as if she was a police officer interrogating a suspect, and proceeded to check the contents of the box. She carefully unwrapped the wrapping paper and took off the lid to the box that had been hiding underneath.

Nestled within the box was a single piece of metal that sparkled with a bright, golden shine.

“Wh… What is this!?”

While she seemed immensely surprised, it was clear that pretty much anyone would know exactly what it was.

“It’s a necklace.”

“W-well obviously! This gift is like, waaay too much!”

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“Too much?”

“I-I mean, necklaces aren’t the kinda things friends give to each other!”

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Or so she says, but…

I tilted my head, not quite sure what Kei was getting at.

However, it didn’t seem like she was looking to hear a response from me. Instead, it seemed like she was itching to say something else.

“Plus, you know what else? This doesn’t even look good on me! Like, it’s heart-shaped!”