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"What? It's not that Ayanokouji doesn't like it, right?"

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"Do not…"

"Nothing happens. That is one of the good things about you, Ishizaki-kun. " "No. Good point? I'd say you just can't read the air."

"Well …… yes, that could be undeniable."

Nishino and Tsutsube have become good friends with each other. This would be a common sight for many groups in a prolonged battle on an uninhabited island.

If we work together as much as we can to avoid being kicked out, we can easily overcome the smallest of barriers. But at the same time, it is also cruel. After this special exam is over, the class war will resume again, and the future awaits us as we kick each other out.

At that time, there will be few students who will not be able to make normal decisions. "Sorry to interrupt."

I was about to leave when Ishizaki came running up and grabbed me by the shoulder.

"Anyway, you don't have any more tests today, and you were planning to camp near I9, right?"

The designated area, J10, was not suitable for pitching a tent due to the strong wind and rocky ground. In that sense, I was going to avoid the seashore, as Ishizaki said, and I would go by I9 ……

"It's a great idea!"

Hiyori, who had just got up, approached me in agreement. These two people are relatively close to me and don’t have problems, but what about the others?

"Isn't it good? Ayanokouji-kun seems quite harmless.” "I know."