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Whatever the reason, the elder Horikita had accepted her request to set up a meeting with me here, so he was probably interested in helping her mature.

“I’ve been acknowledged? He’s probably never thought of me as anything but disrespectful.”

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“I know that.”

Hearing such a clear, decisive answer from her stung my heart a bit.

“Still… I’ve decided to try broadening my horizons at least a little. You may have potential worth recognizing that I’m just not able to see.”

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“What’s your impression after meeting with Ayanokōji once again?”

“Honestly, I don’t have the slightest idea.”

“I thought you’d say that.”

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I found myself perplexed by their conversation.

Perhaps because of the strange, yet somewhat relaxing atmosphere, the elder Horikita let himself show a slight smile.

“It’s a shame that we’ll only know Ayanokōji’s true value after we’ve already graduated.”

“No, nothing will change, even after you two graduate.”

“I think so too.”

Tachibana gave her thoughts as well, agreeing with me.

They had called me out into such cold weather just for this.

Well, I suppose this was also a testament to how large the wound Tachibana has been carrying actually was.

I spoke up again.

“Nagumo hasn’t shown any interest in me because of his obsession with you. If you want him dealt with, you might as well face him head-on, just this once.”

This wasn’t the type of request I should be making of a man about to graduate from Class A.