What kind of work can make money online?

What kind of work can make money online?

"Certainly, it is as you say, but there is nobody with the same talent as you yet."

"You cannot lie even to your children, is what you want to say?"

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"You think such a worthless lie would reverberate with you?"

That’s true.

"This is my last words, Kiyotaka. Consider your answer carefully before answering. What do you wish for? Leaving this school of your own free will or letting your parent forcibly make you leave?"

Seems he really wants to drag me back no matter what. I don’t know what cards we will use to that sake, but it’s simply not worth listening to.

"… I have no plans to return."

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As if slicing through the silence, I quickly gave him my conclusion.

"I don’t know whether there is salvation for you or not, but I have no plans to give up learning. The methods may be different, but it’s true that this school is raising talents. That’s where my expectations are."

"What gibberish. You don’t understand what kind of place this school is. This is nothing more than a shack for the mobs. There should be some in your own class I’m sure. Lowlifes without any chance for salvation."

"Lowlifes? That’s not true. This is a place where I can find out whether people are equal or not. It’s a pretty interesting policy I think."

"So you think even worthless people can grow up to stand in the same ring as geniuses?"

"That’s my wish."

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"How much are you going to stray away from my policies?"

"We should end this conversation, you know this won’t go anywhere."