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That way, when Bao Xu arranged for the first batch of names for the travel agency, Hu Xianbin and Huang Sibo would be able to escape the calamity because they were already on holiday.

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After all, if they chose it themselves, they could choose to play in some cities in the country. It would be relatively easier and more satisfying.

If Bao Xu wanted to arrange it, he would probably have to do it in places like the Sahara Desert, the north and south extremes, Siberia, and the East African savannah. It would definitely not be comfortable.

Was there a need to elaborate on how to choose these two plans?

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Pei Qian was very impressed.

“You two are quite crafty.”

“Then I must let you understand what it means to be too smart for your own good!”

“I’ll inform Bao Xu later that the travel agency will plan slowly. It would be best if he were to plan for a month. Once these two people return from their holiday happily, I’ll arrange for them to go out seamlessly!”

“I’ll also let you experience the joy of ‘seamless connection’!”

Pei Qian did not call them back immediately. Instead, he decided to make them happy for a month before settling the score.

When he arrived at the office, Pei Qian took a cup of coffee and opened the work reports of the various departments.

On the whole, there was nothing worth paying attention to.

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After all, Tengda’s various departments’ projects were basically following Pei Qian’s settlement cycle. Many projects had just started to be developed. It was not time to show their true colors yet.

Finally, Pei Qian opened Tengda Games’ report.

“Yes, just as I expected. Eternal Reincarnation has officially started its development.”

“There’s nothing much at GOG either.”