Online rabbit to make money platform

Online rabbit to make money platform

However, when the number increased, 10,000 units would still be two million yuan in profit.

Given Tengda’s current profitability, two million yuan was not even enough to burn money once. However, don’t forget that there was still the internal purchase of Fitness Battle!

The Fitness Battle had attracted a large number of players so far. As a mobile game, the monthly flow on the official platform had reached 30 million yuan.

The number of active players in Fitness Battle was two or three times more than games with the same income level. The number of registered players was more than 10 times more than those games!

In other words, this game was indeed very famous. Many players would register an account to take a look even if they did not have the equipment and could not persevere.

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There were many players, so even if many of them were lost, many of them remained.

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There were many players who stayed and many of them charged money.

Fitness Battle was too conscientious and reduced income to a certain extent with the system that could be refunded at will stimulated many players’ desire to recharge. Thus, the income was still quite good.

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This game could earn nearly 20 million yuan a month considering the high dividends that the official platform had given Tengda.

What was even scarier was that the official platform was not the only channel for the Fitness Battle.

When Tengda was in a crisis, Zhou Muyan contacted some game developers and uploaded Tengda’s games onto smaller platforms.

These platforms were small and the profits were not high but there were many of them.

The net income of Fitness Battle could double in the first month coupled with Shenhua’s application store and other large channels’ recommendations!