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Just like AEEIS said, human language was a very inefficient way of communication. AEEIS could give different and precise instructions to all soldiers in one second. Qin Yi would need a few hours to do the same thing.

However, the reason why Qin Yi threatened everyone with his identity as the commander and insisted on speaking to everyone in the Alliance Fleet was because he had understood a principle after tens of hours of pain and struggle.

Humans had their final weapon even in the face of the current desperate situation: Faith!

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Ansebo Communications and Artificial Intelligence Technology allowed the human army to fight like the Zergs. The instructions of the AEEIS division commander were transmitted to every soldier on the battlefield through Ansebo Communications. The efficiency of tactical transmission was unprecedented.

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Even AEEIS, after hundreds of millions of simulated battles and deep learning, could make commands that were not inferior to human commanders.

In the first encounter between humans and Zergs, the combined fleet suffered a crushing defeat. The Executive Committee of the Alliance Fleet decided to adopt the command mode of AEEIS+Ancebo communication. Only then did the situation improve.

However, that also caused humans to gradually forget what they had once held onto.

After establishing the command mode of AEEIS+Ansepo communication, under the analysis of AEEIS’s large data, successive commanders had unknowingly developed in the direction of “micro-management masters”. They had thought of all ways to make every soldier and individual unit give up their feelings as human beings and fight like cold Zergs to increase their chances of winning.

However, as time went by, lies and deception became part of the commander. The distrust between the soldiers and the commander grew.

Humans tried to use Zergs’ method to defeat the Zergs, but they could not succeed in the end. Therefore, in AEEIS’s final deduction, humans had no chance of winning because the human army could not break through the “normal” that AEEIS had predicted.

On the other hand, Qin Yi recalled the decapitation operation he carried out when he was AS-371-45’s team leader. When he looked back at the countless battles after he became a commander, he suddenly realized a principle that he already knew: Sometimes, belief was the most important thing!

There was no point in blindly emphasizing discipline and trying to cultivate soldiers into emotionless war machines. Historically, countries that relied on religion to command armies had not achieved much glory.

A truly powerful army, on the other hand, had an unwavering belief. This belief did not come from deception or brainwashing, but from the bottom of their hearts.

All of the soldiers of the Alliance Fleet had undergone strict training. Deep down, they knew very well that humanity was facing a life-and-death crisis. However, the long battle, the way AEEIS and the commanding officer did things had dulled their beliefs.

What Qin Yi had to do now was to awaken the faith in all the soldiers at the last moment!

Be it victory or defeat in this war, or whether humanity would survive or perish in the end, Qin Yi hoped that all the soldiers would be like him, knowing all the truth, betting everything on the fate of mankind, and charging to their deaths!

Qin Yi did not waste any more time. Instead, he skillfully used the control panel to give orders to all the human troops.

Qin Yi had already done this final battle many times in AEEIS’s simulation training. The situation was different each time.