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He was really daring and impressive!

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Yet, He Desheng was worried because he knew that Dayak Corporation would be equally stubborn. It was obvious, judging from how rare it was for companies to escape its clutches after it expressed an interest in acquiring.

Dayak Corporation would not let the matter rest after being cussed at like that. Then, it would not be up to either party to decide how the story would develop.

“I rarely see Boss Pei this angry. This seems like a logical and ordinary business tactic, and Boss Pei is such a magnanimous person. It doesn’t seem like he has any reason to get angry.

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“Perhaps... he has a back-up plan?

“Could it be that me using the f-word on Dayak Corporation is part of that plan?”

He Desheng pondered for a long time but still could not figure it out. In the end, he decided to follow Boss Pei’s instructions obediently and stick to the reply, word for word. He was better off remaining a by-stander in this war between celestials, instead of trying to interfere.

In any case, he could not go wrong following Boss Pei’s instructions.

August 3rd, Wednesday...

At Fei Huang Workspace...

Huang Sibo returned to the office after a long time, feeling like he had just stepped into another world. Fei Huang Workspace was filled with life again!

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Before this, when they had received Boss Pei’s orders to go into shock therapy, everyone felt confused for a long time. However, they soon discovered the true meaning behind Boss Pei’s ‘shock therapy’.

It was meant to repair everyone’s severe psychological imbalance!

Thus, Director Zhu Xiaoce gave everyone a mission to learn and register for postgraduate advanced training in Directing at Handong University. They would have lessons every weekend for two years.

At the same time, Director Zhu Xiaoce arranged for other supplementary classes like analyzing every day, learning a movie, reading works on film and television every week, writing book reviews, exchanging learning points and reflections, and so on.

After a period of learning, everyone better understood the intentions behind implementing shock therapy’!

Before this, none of them knew that they were that imbalanced inside.

After all, they had just climbed to the peak and produced an excellent move like Tomorrow is Beautiful. What’s more, others had praised them so much that, even if someone had pointed out that they were getting in over their heads, they would never have believed it.

Yet, as the saying went, someone’s skills had to match up to their place in society, or there would be dire consequences.