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"That would be the case, yes".

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"If you understand then this makes things go quicker. By the way, the remaining 6 from Class A are willing to join your groups in whatever form you see fit".

How does that sound? Matoba smiled as he looked at Hirata.

He looked at Class B's Kanzaki and Shibata the same way as well.

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"Umm---.....let's see, I do believe this isn't a bad deal. What about you, Kanzaki?".

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"Sorry but I can't give an immediate reply".

"Of course---. I don't believe the remaining six from Class A will go as far as to pull the legs of the other groups on purpose though. But I guess we'd be cautious after all".

Class A tried to decide on the groups right away. However, Kanzaki did not make an immediate decision but rather, tried to put their proposal on hold.

However, in response to that, Matoba fiercely cut in.

"In that case I'll give you 5 minutes. Please make your decision by then".

"A time limit, huh? The group partitioning's only just begun. This is only Class A's personal opinion, it's no good if you onesidedly decide on this. Don't you think it's outrageous that you'd only postpone it by 5 minutes?".

Even if you could say every class would be able to make up a group consisting of 14 of their own, it would be a lie to say that it's a fair proposal for all classes.

The only ones who can afford to think they wouldn't mind even if the bonus points happened to be on the low side would be Class A, who's currently in 1st place and maintaining the lead.

"I suppose so. It may not be good for us to decide that on our own. However, please don't misunderstand, we're not saying we won't negotiate after 5 minutes have passed. At most, we're only saying that these 5 minutes will offer special treatment".

"Special treatment?".

Matoba's just taking the lead and continuing the conversation. It's precisely because the other classes have yet to form their opinions and make their move that he's able to propose whatever he wants.

Truly what you'd call a preemptive strike.

"We Class A will form a group with the 14 of us and welcome just one person from another class. Leaving aside whether or not this is the optimal strategy, it is true that we're selfishly forcing this on you. As such, the one person we'll be welcoming, in other words, if it's now that person will receive special treatment from us".

Matoba smoothly conveys the strategy they must have come up with in advance on the bus.