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“Actually, this boss is really tough. You will die after 2 hits. The story will continue even after you lost, and it’s more like a must-fail plot fight. However, the stuff you need to do is pretty simple. You can still win if you’re careful. …Yep, this boss fight is well-designed.”

“Oh, then I’ll have to try my best and beat it!”

“Sure. It would be amazing if you beat it on the first try.”

After I answered, I observed his fight while a mischievous smile.

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(Okay, all I have to do is to watch him getting obliterated now. …Please give me an exciting and unwilling-to-admit-defeat reaction, Keita Amano!)

I paid attention to the screen with hopeful eyes. Logically, he kept his distance from the enemy at first. Then, with the boss at the center, he went around clockwise as he observed its attacks. After a while of experimentation, when the enemy missed its attack and had an opening, he took a big swing on the boss’s leg with a blade. He managed to escape.

“Uwah, I barely hurt him. I have to be more aggressive…”

Amano said that as he started stabbing when he got small chances. In the end…


He was hit painfully. The HP bar of the protagonist lost a considerable chunk. In this stage, there’s no way to regen. It’ll be over if he takes another hit.

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(Well, it’s almost time…)

To face Amano’s eventual defeat, I sat upright on the cushion. As for Amano, he considered the struggle carefully. So, he slowly chipped away the boss’s HP and dragged this out into a 10-minute sitzkrieg.

So, after a mundane and slow battle…