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「H-Hey, that’s going too far!」

「Don’t get too cocky…」

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Ria and Rose glared at Sid-san murderously. Then, he scratched his cheek with a complicated expression.

「Aa-… sorry. Certainly, that was going too far… Un, I’ll quickly kill him.」

And he thrust〈Vanargand〉at me.

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Under the rules of the Big Five Holy Festival, the act of killing the other party is prohibited. However, he does not care about such a thing, and will kill without any hesitation.

「Don’t joke around!」

「R-Referee! Stop him!」

「Contestant Sid, stop it!」

Ria and Rose turned pale and the referee jumped onto the stage. However, it is utterly impossible to make it in time, at this distance.

(Shit, is this my end…)

Due to the severe frostbite, my body doesn’t move properly anymore. No, it is impossible to move in the first place because Sid-san is stepping on my stomach.

「Haha! I’m going to make a corpse that makes me laugh!」

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「-〈Vanal Thrust〉!」

Tremendous amount of cold air was released from〈Vanargand〉, and the thrust that gained explosive propulsion approached my throat.

If it reaches me – I will die helplessly.

(Is this it for me…?)

I swung my sword every day