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“Hmm… Yes… Eh… Ah.”

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And I finally realized I was still holding the box of a galgame in my hand, and placed it back onto the shelf in a hurry. I wanted to shake her hand ── but at this moment, I realized a guy like me would be touching Tendo-san’s hand and hesitated. Afraid that it would be bad manners, I wiped my hands onto my pants, reached out again before regretting it; Wrong, wiping it like that would make the other party feel more disgusted──

“... Nice, to, meet, you!”


── As I was still thinking about it, Tendo-san forcefully took my hand and shook it.

As for the sensation of her hand ── I couldn’t spare the effort to enjoy it, and could only stand there in a daze.

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… No matter how I thought about this… Our palms touching seem like an unreal situation to me.

Afterall… She is the famous Tendo Karen, why is she talking to someone like me...

I looked at her smile and once again, I realized how abnormal this situation was.

Tendo Karen. On the other end of the spectrum, she was the student at the very top of the social pyramid on campus.

With great looks, fantastic grades, quick-wittedness and excellence in sports, she was a beauty with attributes so good that it seemed unreal. In Otobuki High School which had low entrance score, and mediocre reputation, she literally stood out from the crowd.

Even though she wasn’t a television celebrity, her standing in Otobuki was akin to a goddess── also known as ‘school idol’.

However, she wasn’t a frog in a well. As Tendo Karen had a strong support in such a small world, her influence was huge. Just the term ‘idol’ would not be enough to describe her. She was the common topic among the students of Otobuki, the fashion setter, idol, mascot, spiritual symbol and glory.

If a high schooler in the region was asked about their impression of Otobuki high, right after the customary ‘a public school with slightly low entrance score’, you will hear: “That’s the high school Tendo Karen studies in.”

That’s how important she was.

Her personality was really popular, even though she had the confidence and capability nurtured by her excellent traits, she didn’t have a shred of arrogance about her. In fact, one could even feel a sense of nobility (That was what I learned from the gossips of the boys in class).

On the other hand, I am a background character type solo player who didn’t even have a single friend in high school.


… Yup, no matter how I racked my brains, I couldn’t think of the reason why Tendo Karen was chatting me up. Or rather, it was a miracle that she was looking at someone like me.