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It was similar to the ‘frustration’ I felt about Amano a few days ago, the same emotion was reignited in my heart.

Amano seemed to be shaken by Tendo’s appearance and being the center of attention in class too. His plain face was even more stiff now, and he couldn’t even smile… Agitation mixed in with several other complicated emotions were gradually expanding in my chest.

On the other hand, Tendo who didn’t seem to mind the gaze of the crowd strode forth confidently and approached Amano’s seat nimbly. When she was before his desk… She leaned to look at the phone Amano was toying with in an intimate way.

Some of our classmates finally made some wavering noise, and sound returned to the classroom.

Tendo seemed to be talking about something to Amano, but because of the whispering everywhere, I couldn’t hear what they were saying clearly.

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The only thing I could tell was that Tendo was talking to Amano rather one sidedly. Games, promise, library… I heard these terms, but I couldn’t grasp the contents of their conversation.

As the class was getting anxious, Amano seemed to have nodded at Tendo hurriedly several times. And the next instant─

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“I see!”

Tendo smiled and enchanted the entire class. At the same time, when everyone noticed that she was smiling just at Amano, the wavering in our heart increased and the noise level went up a notch.

However, the bell announcing that class would be starting soon rang as if if on cue, and Tendo said hurriedly: “Ah, I have to go now. See you after school, Amano-kun!” She said in an intimate tone and left right away.

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When the entire class was dumbfounded, and Amano who was left behind watched Tendo leave in a daze─

Shiyouji beside me muttered something that left a deep impression on my mind.

“What the heck was that…”

These words seemed to represent how the entire Class 2F felt.

But before I could gossip with my friends, the teacher came in to start the next lesson, so it left a strange ‘itch’ in the heart of everyone in class.

I laid out my textbook and notebook onto my table, and pretended to listen to class as I thought about Amano. Unfortunately, from the seat assignment, I couldn’t see Amano who was beside the window at the back of the classroom from my seat in the middle, but he was definitely…

Showing a cocky face that is saying ‘did you all see that?’

Once I imagined that, my unpleasant mood wouldn’t stop.