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It was the same for the princess who has had many mock battles with me over three years.

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But I......

“I’m here, not the Great Hero, Hiro... not even Mamu, the War Maiden! Not even the son of a hero! I’m the one who’s here, me! Earth Lagann!”

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“And this is my way, starting here!”

I barked. So I’ll prove it right away.

“Aah, is it okay now? Right, then the first match of the first round! Start!”

And, Lingaun, though he is a little puzzled, raises his hand and announces the start of the match.

It’s a signal to my new beginning.

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“...... Haah~...... If only you would reflect on things a little, this is truly..... unforgivable! Enough! Earth, at least with this blow!”

Here he comes! He immediately pulls the sword out of the sheath.

A Bastard Sword.

It can be swung either with one hand or both hands depending on the situation.

Rebal, who is not adept at magic, is a man who pursues only pure swordsmanship, not a sword that emphasizes destructive power like a Magic Sword.

He kicked the ground with strength, and jumped a step to be in front of me...

“Fast... I guess.”

He jumped in front of me as soon as it started and swung down at my shoulder from above.

I backstep only half a step to avoid it.