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Ten ideas for making money online

Perfectly coordinated movement.

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I’m sure it’s a strategy that they’ve trained countless times.

(As expected, the senior Holy Knight who was entrusted by the government with Tenshi-sama’s escort…)

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With their perfect coordination, Zerey, who was driven into a corner, had cold eyes, as if he were watching flies buzz about.

「Curse Method – Fire Oppression」

The moment Zerey whispered something,

「Nu, oh…!?」

Rodis-san, who had raised his sword high, suddenly raised a voice of anguish and started falling head first.

「Ro, Rodis-san!?」

「Ka, ha!」

He crashed hard on the floor without performing ukemi.

(W-What happened…!?)

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As I was baffled by that scene,

「Help me… Allen…… 」

I heard Ria’s pained voice.


As I turned to the right side, she slowly collapsed towards me, as though trying to hang on to my body.