What is the fastest way to make money on the Internet?

What is the fastest way to make money on the Internet?

The systems designer could be regarded as the right-hand man of the chief systems designer. Many chief planners were promoted from systems designers.

Generally speaking, even a graduate from a top university could only start out as an ordinary administrative planner. Such a person would only be promoted to a systems designer after one to two years.

Such a situation would only be more obvious in large companies and projects.

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He was a systems designer for large companies and projects when he first entered the industry. He was fully responsible for the system of the game. Disregarding the possibility that he might be related to the boss of the company, the second most likely situation would be that he had actually had experience previously.

Even if the previous work experience was not successful enough, but as long as he was outstanding enough, he would be able to obtain the position of the chief systems designer.

Pei Qian thought for a while. “So you actually did not enter the industry in 2001, but earlier?”

Qiu Hong nodded. “Yes, I entered two years earlier.”

“It was the golden age of domestically-produced standalone games when I entered. ‘Magical Swords, Deity Fate’ sold 300,000 sets with an income of 10 million yuan; the popular ‘Dark Age 2’ was introduced to China and sold for about the same amount of money.

“It might not be comparable to their performance overseas, but it was a record-breaking figure. ‘The Heroes’ was also selling well.

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“The people who entered the industry at the same time as I had dreams. We all thought we should sell domestically-produced standalone games internationally. We’ll be able to stand on the international stage one day and win awards.

“However, everything changed in a mere two years.

“I was fortunate to meet the President of a standalone game company then. He told me that standalone games had no hope and that I had to quickly transit into online games. I did not listen; neither did the producer of our project.”

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“Then, in 2001, all the standalone games could not be sold. The first game we worked so hard to develop was not even published at all.