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“…… I won’t plead for life…. but…… Great Demon King… allow me to be thy right arm.”

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“…… Heh.”

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My proposal surprised even the Demon King. Well, in the end I was accepted, after various encounters with fastidious aging veterans.

Naturally, in the Demon King’s Army, I started as lowly infantry.

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However, I did away with my rivals and rose to the rank of General in but a few years.

In the midst of the war, still enthralled by dross Odin’s deceit, my former kin tried to steal me back, but they were all routed. Such bitter and sorrowful voices from ones I’ve shared much with, my former comrade, underlings, elders, brothers and sisters, and… my own parents, but particularly, I felt no hurt in my heart.

Compared to the charm of the Demon King, they were but dregs. On the contrary, my despair was in the opposite sense.

Was time spent with such incompetents wasted, I wondered.

And, after all, the scum called Odin never appeared despite all that was done to the Seraphs.

Truly, an insignificant society and race.

“The Seraphs… are no apostles of God… long ago, white-winged avian harpies and other beasts ‘mixed’ among the humans, and evolved…. however, the fellowship was persecuted by the people of the past, and those capable of powerful magic used clouds and created a world, a paradise for only the winged people… and handed down lore claiming to be Apostles of the God Odin to comfort themselves …. that is all.”

Revealed the truth was one day, one that even I didn’t know.

Imposters, they were all along.

“I… so, until I met you… was but a pretender… ha, haha… what wasteful days…”

Learning the truth, though I had no longing for my family or home, I felt despair.